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Making Defi & FunSimpler

Ape 3 Labs is Building the Next-Gen Products for Future of DeFi

Next Generation of Defi Products

Chimp Exchange

Next-Gen privacy centric DEX, now trade without disclosing your transactions


Automated launchpad to raise funds, access IDOs across multiple blockchains


Trade perps on latest tokens on Ten without fear of liquidations & manipulations


The ultimate dashboard for every web 3 user, create your own Web 3 world, save time & share

User dashboard

About Us

A team of DeFi enthusiasts who are changing the way we see and use decentralized finance.

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DeFi is GettingComplicated

For Web3 to become accessible to everyday Web2 user, DeFi has to become less complicated - Less Blockchains, bridges, DEXes and wallets

We Make itSimple

We At Ape 3 Labs are building products that will help the next generation of users to navigate DeFi

Want to JoinThe Future of DeFi

We welcome everyone who wants be part of this change but we value yours and ours time.

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